Time flies. And when it passes, something disappears.
This sentence is from Jules Romain.
This site tries to stop time for a while.

Introducing myself

My name is Jean-François Ternay. I am a teacher and a researcher at the University of Paris. I am also a director in the field of scientific documentaries. And because I like pictures, you will find below photos, videos, paintings, drawings and publications I've made. .


It's a manner for me to share, but also to keep with me, on my smartphone or my computer, those memories. It's a manner to stop the the time that flies as I said before.

Video films

I travelled in many contries, meeting many places in France and around the word. Many diffrents situations and people. It was great and I thank all those I worked with.

Paintings and drawings

It's new. With photographs and films, I tried to represent reality. By drawing or painting I feel free to reinvent a world. But I am only at the beginning, and I am still learning.


This is the end. I will not be an academic researcher anymore in the futur. Painting begins, writings come from my past.

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